Vick named comback player of the year

Let me get this right. The NFL has a player. The player goes to jail. The player comes back and gets comeback player of the year. Great idea! Let’s praise someone for going to jail! ….and I’m sure there is some player on the NFL team somewhere just shaking their head. They got injured, worked their buns off getting stronger again, and came back and did a better job than before. Plus they stayed out of jail! NFL is wrong on this one!

Wild Card Weekend – Madden Simulation Predictions

You can forget everything you’ve heard up to this point about who will win the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers Playoff Game. The Madden Video predictions are the only ones that count. I believe they are a little over 60 percent accurate. Don’t worry, the Eagles are predicted to win 21-20.

Thanks to Bear Goggles On

Wild Card Weekend – Madden Simulation Predictions.