Recall of Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter Spread

Major recall of Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

Link at FDA

Unilever Announces Recall of Skippy® Reduced Fat Peanut Butter Spread.

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Marc Chagall Exhibit Philadelphia Art Museum

The Philadelphia Art Museum has a wonderful website. I go on there looking for something, and usually end up spending too much time looking at things that caught my eye.

Current Exhibit

Of course I look to see what the museum has on display at this time. The Marc Chagall exhibit is running from now until July 10, 2011. There is nothing like looking at the paintings in person but, The art museum offers details on the paintings through video.

Marc Chagall with Michael Taylor – Curator

Michael Taylor presents sixteen short videos explaining each painting. This is great! It’s almost like being there.

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Vick signs with Eagles; Akers won’t

Looks like Vick has some money to play around with for a year!

Thanks to the Delco Times

Vick signs 1-year deal with Eagles; Akers won’t sign.

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Bachelor TV Show Vote for Winner

Why not vote for who you think will win The Bachelor TV Show. I think he should have stayed with Ashley.

Thanks to Delaware County Locally

Bachelor TV Show.

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The mighty is Down! has been down for 5 hours this morning. I guess that means they went down around 5am on Saturday, February 26, 2011.

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What gets better with age?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how younger salesman that get older and don’t keep up with modern technology. Particularly, social networking or the proper use of email. Sounds like a great topic for a Friday!

Let me know

Click on that reply link above and let me know – What gets better with age.

I’ll start it off

My wisdom definitely gets better with age. I now step back a few seconds before I do something. Constantly asking if the effort is going to be worth the return.

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Vick named comback player of the year

Let me get this right. The NFL has a player. The player goes to jail. The player comes back and gets comeback player of the year. Great idea! Let’s praise someone for going to jail! ….and I’m sure there is some player on the NFL team somewhere just shaking their head. They got injured, worked their buns off getting stronger again, and came back and did a better job than before. Plus they stayed out of jail! NFL is wrong on this one!

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Don’t forget – remove ice and snow from your car before traveling

In Pennsylvania, all snow and ice must be removed from your car before traveling on the roads.

Thanks to

Pennsylvania snow and ice on cars law.

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Havertown Weather – Havertown is covered…

Havertown Weather – Havertown is covered in snow. Roads are very slippery, and not many people moving about. I can’t believe how fast the snow laid!

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Philadelphia Airport Delays January 26 2011

Interesting! Delays at the Philadelphia Airport are being caused by the incoming traffic, not the departing traffic. Looks like delays are less than 15 minutes as of midnight so use the link below to check on new updates.

Thanks to the

Philadelphia Airport Delays.

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